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Charity Marathon: Juan Torrejon Foundation
Historia del Maratón
 Charity Marathon: Juan Torrejon Foundation

As a traditional action to cooperate in altruist form in the 27º Indoor Soccer Normavision Tien 21 Marathon, the economic suspensions deducted from the enrolled team´s deposit will be given to an ONG. This new edition of Charity Marathon will be sent to Juanjo Torrejón Foundation.

The Juanjo Torrejon Foundation born in 2006 in order to continue father Juanjo´s work with underprivileged people of our society during twenty years. Its main aim is the integration of people who have a big risk of social disadvantages, specially inmigrant children and women. For this Foundation, whose president is Mrs Clara Eugenia Cuenca Perucha, women could play a crucial rule inside these poorer groups, if they are trained properly.

Besides the formative offer, The Juanjo Torrejon Foundation has a Career Guidance Program to inmigrants. Also they support to developing countries through the indian ONG ““Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadan”.

In the Juanjo Torrejon Foundation the volunteering is an important part to do all its proyects. Nearly thirty persons use to collaborate. Appart from this information, we have to mention the awareness campaigns that the Foundation aim to the population to promote tolerance like “Citizens for Coexistence” and “Mile for Coexistence”.

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